The Simpsons S28 E22

The Simpsons Season 28, Episode 22 – “Dogtown” : On the Season 28 finale, the status of all canines in Springfield goes way up after Homer’s court case determines that a dog’s life is more valuable than a human’s. And this new lofty position of power is not lost on man’s best friends as they assert their dominance over the humans.

The Simpsons S28 E19 Looking for Mr. Goodbart

The Simpsons S28 E19 Looking for Mr. Goodbart : When Bart gets in hot water at the school’s Grandparents Day, he’s forced to hang out with Skinner’s mother as punishment. The time spent with some neighborhood grandmas proves enlightening, but he eventually realizes the danger of taking advantage of them. Meanwhile, Peekimon Get takes over the town of Springfield.

The Simpsons S28 E15

Season 28, Episode 16 – “Kamp Krustier”
A traumatic incident at Kamp Krustier sends Bart and Lisa home early, where they are responsible for some parentes interruptus. So, wiithout the distraction of sex, Homer turns into a more productive worker and caring husband, but Marge longs for the old Homer. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa head back to camp to face the source of their trauma.

The Simpsons S28 E12 The Great Phatsby

The Simpsons S28 E12 The Great Phatsby : While trying to relive his glory days, Mr. Burns runs into a mysterious music mogul, who cons him and leaves him bankrupt. To exact revenge, Mr. Burns enlists Homer, Bart, rapper Jazzy James and the mogul’s ex-wife, Praline. Also, Lisa is wooed by the richest kid in town; Smithers undertakes a dangerous trek; and Marge opens an obscure boutique store.